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 An invitation to Freedom - Man can save his Soul

As Christ said the innocent can first be saved. In a little time, in minutes, the child can be saved. But the rich and the mighty, the enslaver and destroyer would lag behind for years—but they too can be saved.

If the Christian in Rome had been given this news, that his salvation was imminent, he would have believed and rejoiced. But this is not Rome, and Christ is two thousand years crucified—a long time—a time to forget, to disbelieve. Today perhaps a church or “man of God” might spit upon Christ himself if he came to call.

What you read here is factually, literally true. The salvation hoped for these past two thousand years is here.

It has not come with blares of trumpets or the flare and flash of flame. It has come quietly, and you aren’t at all sure you should believe it.

And the salvation itself is not done by sudden drama or a walk on a gleaming cloud—it is done quietly, in a chair as part of a group of people like yourself.

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